Power plays + Chain play +WrICE

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Theatre companies are unveiling their seasons for 2016, and I have snuck it into STC’s short plays project, Power plays. This project has been curated by Polly Rowe, the Literary Manager at the STC. I’m currently in the treatment stage, and will be plugging away at a first draft in the coming months.

And a fun project, Playwriting Australia’s Chain Play. Clearly for those raised in the 1980s and before. Nowadays we just write group emails but once upon a-pre-Internet time, we were very charmed by the idea of a chain letter. The letter that grew in installments, with different writers. I’ll have a few nights to write my scene, building on the scenes that the other allocated writers have pieced together before it gets to me. Then the baton gets passed on. The finished play will be staged in November 2015.

Lastly, I’m very chuffed to have been awarded the WrICE Early Career Fellowship for 2016. Exemplary writers of colour such as Maxine Beneba-Clarke and Omar Musa were previous recipients, and I will be fellow-ing alongside stellar established writer Alice Pung, emerging writers from RMIT’s writing and editing program, and writers within Asia.