The Naked Self

Photo: Sarah Walker, 2015

Theatre and live art

2019: Trainwreck (full-length play, stage), Monash University

2018-20: Security (full-length play, stage), Darebin Speakeasy

2019-20: How do I let you die? (live art), Arts House

2019: Pussy Monologues (short monologue contribution to a full-length play, stage), Darlinghurst Theatre

2018-19: Performance writer for the interactive work Squishy Taylor and The Shrub That Went, directed by Brienna Macnish, designed by Clare McCracken, produced by Simon Bedford, adapted from the novels by Ailsa Wild

2017-19: Single ladies (full-length play, stage), Red Stitch Theatre


2019: writer, proof of concept, Going down (web series, comedy), based on my stage play, dir. Leticia Caceres, producers Stephanie Westwood and Amelia Ford, executive producer Amanda Higgs

2019: co-writer, pilot episode, Secret Threads (TV series, 6 x 1-hour drama), producer Rebecca Ingram