Talon Salon recording

Photo: by Clare McCracken, 2012

Produced works

2018: Refuge Hypothetical: What if? (live art)

2018: The Naked Self (live art)

2018: Going down (full length, stage)

2017: Rice (full length, stage)

2016: Power plays (short play, stage)

2016: The Naked Self (live art)

2015: Going and going (short play, radio)

2015: Asylum (short play, stage)

2014: PLAYlist (short piece, audio)

2012-14: Talon Salon (6 x short audio plays, live art)

2012: See how the leaf people run (full length, radio)

2009: Love (short play, stage)

2008 & 2009: The Cellar Children (short play, stage)

Previous works-in-progress

2012-15: Moths (full length, stage)

2013: Chaste (four-part play, stage)

2010, 2012: Headshot (full length, stage)

2010: Roundabout (full length, stage)

2010: Apple (full length, stage)

2009: Fall and The watering hole (2 x one-act plays, stage)

Attachments to other people’s work

2016: The Ribcage Collective (script mentor)

2015: Dan Choi (concept by Daniel Han and Michele Lee, workshopped through Malthouse Theatre. Daniel approached me to create a one-man work about Lieutenant Dan Choi, face of the repeal movement against the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy)

2014: Home (script consultant)

Theatre in Bars

The links below will take you to projects I produced when I co-ran a student theatre collective at RMIT called Theatre in Bars.

2008 & 2009: The Talking Vagina

2009: Backwards

2008: Sneakers

2007: Oversexed

2006: kiss me where you punch me