Photo: Eugyeene Teh


2020-21: first development, Culture Lab, Arts House 

Creative team

Lead artist and Writer Michele Lee

Dramaturg and collaborator Sapidah Kian

Performer and Collaborator Ra Chapman

Designer and Collaborator Eugyeene Teh

Producer Bureau of Works



Live art



A performance work about adult children and their ageing parents. This was also adapted and developed for a podcast.

On Single Ladies: The beauty of the show was in its simplicity, and the entirely justified confidence that the strength of character, dialogue and relationship would tell enough of a story. Writer Michele Lee managed to create a feel-good piece that was anything but trite; it skated over bigger, complex issues with a deft, humorous touch and created such a strong sense of place and identity. – Theatre Travels

On Broth Bitch: Lee’s writing does a good job of sounding like one woman’s stream-of-consciousness podcasting, but it’s technical and accomplished. The way little things Nikki says casually give away so much of her back story is masterful, and the performance by Thomas feels very real. The nuanced attention to detail in the telling of this story and the minimalist approach to “staging” it, as it were, with a few sparse diegetic sound effects, speaks to the precise directorial eye of Hii. – Witness

On Going Down: Going Down is a vibrant, layered comic exploration of stereotypes, from piccolo-quaffing urban Melbournites to migrant memoirists from ethnic minorities… Lee shows herself to have a keen eye, a wicked sense of humour, and a willingness to take the piss out of herself. It’s a voice that is distinctly Australian, while working simultaneously to complicate just what it means to be a contemporary Australian. – The Conversation


Development: Arts House


The script from thr Arts House development.

How do I let you die? Feb 2021 by Michele Lee on Scribd


A video we made as part of the Arts House development.