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2008: presented by Theatre in Bars in the Melbourne Fringe Festival

2009: presented by Theatre in Bars in the Melbourne International Comedy Festival

Creative team

Presentation – Melbourne Fringe Festival

Director Michele Lee

Sound designer James Borthwick

Set designer Michael Parry, set construction by Michele Lee, Alia Vryens

With performers Lewis Allan, Kip Brennan, Will Crawford, Simon Doyle, Niloufa Kamaldeen, Daniel Rice, Cathy Sheargold,  Alia Vryens

Sound and light operator Shaila Figs

Presentation – Melbourne International Comedy Festival

Director Daniel Rice

Sound designers James Borthwick and Daniel O’Shea

Costume designer Mia Zelinski

With performers Alastair Brown, James Deeth, Simon Doyle, Alia Vryens



Full-length play, stage


2F, 2-4M


Hoo ha. Muff. Beaver. Frontbum. Pink taco. Pink bits. Pink mulaka…

Yes, it is a comedy. No, it’s not a variation of The Vagina Monologues. The Talking Vagina has no feminist agendas (well, not really) and no monologues (well, not really). But there is one helluva talkative c**t.

Jessica, the best children’s book illustrator in all of Brunswick West, just wants to get the job done. Life starts to unravel when her secret is revealed to her new boyfriend, Edward, and her new client, Mr Wong – Jessica has a talking vagina. A ‘fou fou’ named Frank. And Frank has dreams to rival Jessica’s. After a hairy life repressed in Jessica’s hightop knickers, he’s not about to shut up.

An original play from the minds and groins of Theatre in Bars, an artists’ collective funded by RMIT Union Arts and established in 2006.

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