Photo: by Pia Johnson


2014: broadcast on Radio National, the track The Chair

2013: remounted for Darwin Festival and commissioned to write two new audio plays, with Australia Council remount funding

2013: remounted for You Are Here Festival

2012: presented by Next Wave Festival, with Australia Council and City of Yarra funding

2011-12: developed by Next Wave’s Kickstart program

Creative team

Presentation – Next Wave Festival, You Are Here Festival, Darwin Festival

Key artists: Michele Lee (writer/project concept and development), Tanya Dickson (director and concept development), Alan Nguyen (sound designer and concept development) and Clare McCracken (visual designer and concept development). With Ash Blakeney sound designing ‘Travellers’

Performers Keith Brockett, Roddy Cairns, Matt Crosby, Tom Dent, Jing-Xuan Chan, Kane Felsinger, Fanny Hanusin, Ferdinand Hoang, Nicole Lee, Elizabeth Nabben, Mark Tregonning, Sarah Walker and Janine Watson

Additional arrangement and composition Roddy Cairns

Sound engineers Ash Blakeney and Simon Cotter

Mentor Roslyn Oades

Development – Next Wave Kickstart

Lead artist and Writer Michele Lee

Director Brendan O’Connell (direction of the text)

Performers Petra Kalive, Maria Coviello, Will Cowan

Mentor Gorkem Acaroglu



6 x short audio plays, live art


Choose your own colour. Listen to it speak!

Talon Salon is a site-specific audio theatre work about Vietnamese-run nail salons in Australia, first presented within a salon as part of the Next Wave Festival 2012 and presented again in the You Are Here Festival in Canberra 2013.

In Talon Salon, immerse your mind in one of four fictional audio pieces while you receive the nail treatment of your choice. Glimpse into the nail salon universe – workers, owners, customers, daughters, husbands and passers by.

Listen. Watch. Chat.

Visit the dedicated Talon Salon website: www.talonsalon.com.au

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You Are Here Festival 2013 season

Watch You Are Here’s festival video for Talon Salon.

Talon Salon from You Are Here on Vimeo.

Next Wave Festival 2012 season

A video for the Next Wave Festival season 2012, edited by Sarah Walker, photos by Pia Johnson. The sound is by Alan Nguyen, directed by Tanya Dickson. You’ll hear various actors.

Talon Salon from Michele Lee on Vimeo.


Clare McCracken designed the images in this, Pia Johnson took the photos. The sound is by Alan Nguyen, directed by Tanya Dickson. You’ll hear Ferdinand Hoang, Roddy Cairns, Tom Dent, Keith Brockett and Mark Tregonning.



Development: Next Wave Festival

Presentation: Next Wave Festival, City of Yarra, Australia Council for the Arts, You Are Here Festival, Darwin Festival