Photo: by Nicole Marie, 2008


2008: presented by Theatre in Bars at the Northcote Town Hall

Creative team

Presentation – Northcote Town Hall

Directors Brienna Macnish and Alia Vryens

With performers Sara-Tabitha Catchpole, Nicholas Lynn, Mark Nunan, Chrissie Robinson, Alia Vryens and Laurie Clancy

Production designer Alisa Tanaka-King

Costume designer Heidi Treloar

Sound designer Marco Cher-Gibard

Lighting designer Nicola Andrews

Video designers Robert Jordan and Brienna Macnish



Full-length play, stage


2F, 3M


It’s 2021. Two decades on from September 11, and after a global war, Australia is occupying Indonesia to keep the Muslim peril at bay. It’s all quiet on the Asian continent right now but you never ever know. So back home in middle-class suburbia, all good Aussie teenagers are studying for their Grad Exams, the marks of which will determine which area of specialised area of training they will be allowed to enter. And in which way they’ll be able to serve their fine nation.

Which sucks. It really does. Because all Torii, Amelia, Adam and Sam really wanna do is sneak each other’s brains out. But of course, in this new world order, sex before training, or ‘sneaking’, is illegal. And punishments are always dealt because someone has to know what is going on behind closed doors, in the dark hallways at the mall, in private beds.

Sneakers is a teen melodrama set in a future Australia.

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