single ladies now.jpg

Image: Artwork by Tammy Nicholson, photo from Red Stitch


2021: Development and presentation

Creative team

Lead artist and Writer Michele Lee

Director Bagryana Popov

Dramaturg Emilie Collyer

Sound design and Composition Elissa Goodrich

Performers Jem Lai, Caroline Lee and Andrea Swifte


Three audio monologues based on the characters and world of Single ladies, and made working with the same wonderful team. These monologues live on the Red Stitch website. They’re approximately 11-13 minutes long. Best listened to through headphones.

A rapid response to the stage show being cancelled because of COVID-19.


Development and production: City of Yarra COVID-19 response grants and Creative Victoria COVID-19 response grants


Abandoning the visual for audio drama works terrifically well here. Under Bagryana Popov’s direction, the performers draw you into three fully inhabited interior worlds, and the soundscape – minimalist but insistent – invites you to imagine a bustling neighbourhood. Single Ladies Now will leave you with an intense longing for Melbourne to bustle once again, not least so we can see the full-length play from which these intriguing snippets of urban life have sprung. The Age