2014: presented by Red Stitch Theatre, 14 March 2014

Creative team

Presentation – Red Stitch

Writer Michele Lee

Director Prue Clark

With performer Kate Cole



Short piece, audio


12 playlets by an exciting selection of writers. Each writer will create a play inspired by one of their favourite songs, to be performed by Red Stitch actors.

The theme? Love Affair. The rules? Only one: each piece can be no longer than the music that inspired it.

Performed by Red Stitch and friends.

I’ll be joining other writers Dean Bryant, Cat Commander, Melissa Bubnic, Fleur Kirkpatrick, ┬áDuncan Graham, Marieke Hardy, Dan Lee, Ian Meadows, Joanna Murray-Smith, Natasha Pincus, Tim Potter and Tim Rogers and writing my playlet. It’s not inspired by my favourite song. I picked my inspiration song from a random offering of songs because how could I narrow down one love song from an endless canon of sugary pop love anthems! My song is by America’s favourite country songstress who has dated Jake Gyllenhall – Taylor Swift.

My piece, The Right One, is an audio piece with a voice talking you through an app that helps you find the right one.