Photo: by Nicole Marie, 2007


2007: presented by Theatre in Bars at Brunswick Arts

Creative team

Presentation – Brunswick Arts

Directors/devisers Michele Lee and Alia Vryens

With performers Nick Brennan, Conor Gallacher, Michele Lee, Brienna Macnish,Margie Locke, Tobi Manderson-Galvin, Tanya Vessey and Alia Vryens

Set and costume designer Johanna Kelly

Sound designer Dan O’Shea

Lighting designer Mitch Ellis

Video designer Aniko Hazi



Multi-part play, stage


4F, 3M


Oversexed – a sordid story-time for grown-ups and polite perverts; a coital collection of darkly comic and disturbing scenes, monologues, songs, dances and films about all things sex – there will be boys’ bits and girls’ bits on display; there will be voyeurs and wankers and dead boyfriends and dying mothers. Yes, there is also a dash of tenderness. And poking through the rose-coloured bed-sheets…an inflatable penguin.

So, ladies and gentlemen, flora and fauna, we ask you to come. Please note, we love to do it with the lights on.