Moths_a showing_flyer.jpg


Showing: June 2012

Creative team

Director Emma Valente

Dramaturg Gorkem Acaroglu

With performers Keith Brockett, Jing-Xuan Chan, Fanny Hanusin, Nicole Lee, Harry Tseng


A development, with a workshop and a showing.

Last year I spoke with over 20 people, all of whom are Asian Australians, like me. We talked about sexuality. This play uses the words from the interviews.

What does it mean to be an Asian person in Australia, at this point in time? What are our views about androgyny? About our changeability? Our sexuality? Who does this belong to? Us? Our parents? Others? What do we think about people who are sexual? Studs. Sluts. Prostitutes. High-class escorts. Trafficked sex slaves.

Did you know that the moths with sexual organs stay home and never migrate? Did you know that the moths carry arsenic from one part of the land to another, killing animals around them? Do you know Parliament House has been trying to manage the moths since 1988?


Edited and shot by Sarah Walker

Moths – first development from Michele Lee on Vimeo.