Imagery: Mickey Carney, 2010


2010: developed through Arts Victoria funding, with a moved reading

Creative team


Writer Michele Lee

Director Christian Leavesley

Dramaturg Adam Cass

With performers Georgina Capper, Mark Tregonning and Edwina Wren



Full length play, stage


Elizabeth, Joan, Frank. The home the we built is the home that we built.

Inspired by the true life case of Josef Fritzel, in the world of Apple the universe is a microcosm of a family locked in a home, in a cyclical struggle between rule and defeat, between ignorance, repression and complicity. We enter a Fritzl-esque house – but one that has faded over the years, eroded by its own dysfunctional laws, and we shift from room to room in this world, one permutation of the reality to another, witnessing the history-drenched life of a family where the horrors from underneath go unspoken of. There are three characters: Frank, the father; Joan, the mother; and Elizabeth, the daughter.


Development: Arts Victoria