I can haz an AWGIE-burgah + Launch date for the banana book

Posted by on Oct 5, 2013 in News | No Comments

Will has been very keen about going to the AWGIEs award ceremony. He even got his safari suit dry-cleaned. Not. Aw, but he did borrow a black bow-tie for his suit (the suit has short sleeves and shorts, so the bow-tie added a touch of formality). Will, like I said, has been keen. He has been constantly reminding me about the award ceremony, and before, during and after the ceremony he was very snap-happy on the camera phone as he documented me in award ceremony flight. Now I’m floating out there on a bunch of Facebook photos, with a handful of likes. On the way home from the ceremony, Will confiscated all bags so that I couldn’t tuck the brass quill away. I held it low though, by my side rather than nested in my lap. I love that I have been recognised by winning this award (for original radio drama) but my youth years of working hard, bums down etc, hasn’t prepared me for comfortably occupying any sort of spotlight. Anywayyys, much thanks to the guild, and much thanks to excellent script editors/dramaturges Maryanne Lynch and Noelle Janacwezska.

On the same day as the ceremony (yesterday), Barry from Transit Lounge sent me the invite for the Banana Girl launch. It’s on in early November, and a few days after I am reading bits from the book at The Wheeler Centre Debut Mondays. I’m very curious as to how the publicity machine works for book-writers. Watch this space. Will I have a desert or a deluge of interviews?