Colourful wall


2014: presentation by Westside Circus and Metanoia Theatre

2012: developed by Westside Circus, with a moved reading including physical theatre and circus concepts

Creative team

Presentation – Westside Circus and Metanoia Theatre

Director Gorkem Acaroglu and further development on presentation text

Production design by Tanja Beer

Development – Westside Circus

Director and concept Gorkem Acaroglu

Designer Tanja Beer

Circus director Sosina Wogayehu

With performers¬†Sabrina D’angelo, Till Cappelli and Alex Yakimov

Commissioned by Westside Circus with support from the Besen Family Foundation



Full length play, stage


A documentary theatre production for young people produced by Westside Circus. This work focuses on the question of whether people that undergo cosmetic surgeries are altering their cultural appearance (for example, leg lengthening, eye surgery, skin whitening).


The Colour White